The first mobile wireless holographic audio system


Until you unleash the full potential by the distibuted speaker system:

Listen to 3D audio with a headphone

Get a feeling of the holographic audio with the demo apps
The demos are in Alpha phase


Meet your friends in the SALOON. Video chat with holosbase sound. Please wear headphones.


Wear headphones and listen to the music. You can move the musicians.

We Love what we do

Imagine you can hear the world as it really sounds

Truly immersive headphone-free virtual reality is one of many new user experiences.

With the intelligent speakers from holosbase you will be hearing truly immersive 3D sound while streaming music or watching video. Place the speakers freely in your home and experience full spatial sound everywhere. You will not be restricted to a sweet spot. The holosbase audio solution allows users to clearly experience, anywhere in the room, both the direction and the distance from all audio sources present.

holosbase patent pending technology enables holographic audio for any ad hoc speaker setup

Previously it was not possible to easily enjoy holographic sound due to the costly and inflexible setup needed. Now, for the first time, holosbase makes this technology available to the masses.

Developed with absolute dedication and all our experience

Dr. Herbert Buchener

Dr. Herbert Buchner

Herbert is co-founder and is the technical genius who invented the holosbase technology. Herbert is a world leading expert in audio signal processing and Senior Researcher at Cambridge University (UK).

Ziad Hakim

Ziad Hakim

Ziad is co-founder and is responsible for all product and software development. Ziad is a highly experienced software and real-time applications developer. Trained as a pianist at the Moscow Conservatory Music School, Ziad has the golden ears for perfecting the holosbase sound.

Dr. Jochen Miroll

Dr. Jochen Miroll

Jochen is responsible for the system architecture. He can look back proudly on years of experience working for GoogleX and Intel. He obtained his PhD from the University of Saarland in Germany.

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